I recently felt complacent at work. To snap out of that mindset, I wanted to spend time thinking about my professional and personal goals, and then have someone help me be accountable to those aspirations. 

Charlene has helped me to prioritize my personal and professional objectives and put steps in place to achieve them.  She asks questions to help me gain clarity on what is important to me and focus on areas where I want to improve. 

She is insightful, practical, and helps me to be accountable to my personal and professional goals.  She is a careful listener and consistently makes me consider whether my actions are in alignment with my goals.

I definitely recommend Charlene to others and have done so!

-Rob Marcotte, CFO

I started working with Charlene at the start of 2017. 

She did a great job of helping me find my core values and how they are represented in my life. 

As well as challenge me to look differently at my obstacles and help me become more self-aware. The coaching sessions really helped me gather the courage to have difficult conversations and develop a clear decision-making process.  It has been a challenging year both personally and professionally, and I am grateful that Charlene was alongside, helping me through it.

I would absolutely recommend Charlene’s services to anyone.

-Stacy, Operations Manager

I was feeling like I did not have control over my life.  I had trouble committing to anything and moving forward or taking action to change things. 

My success story is that I feel I have the energy and the power to change my life.  Knowing all the power and results are within me. 

Coaching also keeps me accountable.  I am starting my own business and I am fully committed to the process; prior to coaching, I always thought it was a nice to have.  Coaching has made me appreciate and embrace everything that makes me unique and use these aspects to promote me and my abilities. 

Coaching with Charlene will push you to become your ‘best you’, you just need to commit and give her a call – you will thank yourself for it!

-Melissa Donecz, CPA, CMA

Coaching with Charlene has been a rewarding experience in terms of my personal and professional development.

Charlene’s ability to hone in on what I’m saying and probe with powerful questions have led to some great breakthroughs resulting in clarity and momentum.

It has reconfirmed what’s important to me and ensures I’m spending time appropriately on those things I value most. 

Thanks Charlene for your professional approach, inquisitive nature and focusing the conversation to achieving results! It’s been a pleasure having Charlene as my coach.

-Melanie Rowan, Senior HR Leader

I was overwhelmed with lead parent duties and not able to deal with some of the stress that goes along with it  I felt I was passionate about certain things in life but felt I couldn’t move forward as I couldn’t fully identify how I wanted to move forward.

With coaching, I was able to separate some of the stressors in my life, define and work towards my goals,  and make a decision to move forward on a new passion which has changed my life. 

Working with Charlene helped me talk through things that were stopping me pursue what I was passionate about.  She helped keep me accountable as well as identifying areas that were preventing me from rising to a new potential. 

I definitely recommend Charlene!

Stephanie Rosenbaum

Prior to the coaching sessions I was not able to discern my main gaps and rationalize any of my specific leadership strengths…I have progressively explored and understood my strengths and areas for improvement.

I was able to shape the way each session was conducted by bringing out my thoughts and experiences. Charlene triggered this by using a few initial tools and then poking and pushing me into a deeper analysis of how I behave, why I react in certain ways, and what can be done to build my confidence. My self-confidence has improved and I can better interpret the dynamics of human interactions and how leaders can influence their team.

I am learning how to “let go” of self-destructive thoughts and soften my previous unhealthy drive towards perfectionism. I can “feel” that my team’s loyalty and motivation are developing and growing, with my guidance and my new way of interacting with them.

I absolutely recommend Charlene as a coach! The coaching sessions with Charlene have helped me realize that I am not alone in my struggles and that leaders all share similar difficulties. You will learn how to better read and interpret human interactions and how to feel more connected to your team without compromising professionalism and assertiveness.

-Ermanno, GM Pacific Ground Engineering